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Download from GIZ's Adaptation Community

Repository of Adaptation Indicators: Real case examples from national Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

The repository illustrates possible adaptation indicators and their application context, thereby supporting their context-specific formulation.

It systematically presents various indicators for four focus areas:

  • climate parameters
  • climate change impacts
  • adaptation actions
  • adaptation results

The examples have been selected from currently proposed national adaptation M&E systems (i.e., they reflect the first generation of indicators). Each indicator has its adaptation relevance, limitations, data needs and sources described. The repository is meant to illustrate possible indicators—their applicability to other contexts needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is an output of the study on “Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation at Aggregated Levels: A comparative analysis of ten systems.”

In addition to this PDF, the repository is also available as an Excel file via the Adaptation Community.

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