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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • Experts Warn Invasive Zebra Mussel Could Spread to Other Provinces

    City TV - May 23, 2018  IISD-ELA's Scott Higgins explains why zebra mussels are such a problem for Canada's lakes, and how we can try to minimize the problem.

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  • Scientists are planning an oily bitumen spill in this Ontario lake

    National Observer - May 22, 2018  "They’ll look at how the oil changes chemically and physically over time, and how the toxicity changes chemically and physically over time," said Palace, a toxicologist with 25 years of experience. "That will be a 12-week study and we will follow up the residual impacts over the next several years."

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  • Bonn voyage: ‘Satisfactory’ session leaves the hard work to Bangkok

    Climate Home News - May 10, 2018  “Gender parity is very important for [us] and we mainstream it in our work,” said Ivetta Gerasimchuk of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), who moderated a panel in Bonn on Saturday with 5 women and 3 men. On why it is important that there is gender parity at climate events, Gerasimchuk said: “it is my firm belief that the true transition away from fossil fuels...

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  • Revue Politique on carbon pricing and the cost of pollution

    CPAC - May 10, 2018  As debate rages on in Ottawa about the carbon tax costs the federal government wants to impose on provinces that don’t already charge such a tax, Rob Smith, from the International Institute for Sustainable Development, explains the real costs of pollution as well as the impact of this measure.

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  • Canada Takes the Lead on Methane Emissions

    Project Syndicate - April 27, 2018  "In the fight against climate change, one of the most damaging greenhouse gases is also one of the least regulated. Unless new strategies are developed to measure and reduce atmospheric methane, the targets set by the Paris climate agreement are unlikely to be met."

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  • Nutrition Financing Needs a Paradigm Shift: Save the Children

    News Deeply - April 25, 2018  "And then we worked with the International Institute of Sustainable Development. They released a paper indicating that there’s roughly $11 billion a year required until 2030 and nutrition-sensitive [efforts] including agriculture and [water, sanitation and hygiene] and social-protection intervention. We basically added those two things up, the extrapolation plus the nutrition sensitivity."

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  • Trans Mountain spill 'could have significant impacts' says Canadian government scientist

    CBC Quirks and Quarks - April 23, 2018  "This summer, work will begin to study the effect of a diluted bitumen spill in the Experimental Lakes Area in Ontario to look at the fate and behaviour of dilbit in a Boreal freshwater lake."

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  • How can the media do a better job of covering sustainable development?

    TVO The Agenda - April 23, 2018  “Sustainability is not just about environment; it’s about economic issues. It’s about social issues. And they’re all interconnected,” says Zahra Sethna, director of communications at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, a think tank.

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  • Liberal Women's Commission proposes environmental rights bill at Halifax convention

    National Observer - April 20, 2018  "The International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) estimates that Canada loses $36 billion per year to health care costs and lost productivity associated with pollution-related illnesses."

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  • La contaminación asfixia a la economía

    El País - April 13, 2018  (Spanish-language article) “La polución atmosférica es un problema muy serio pero existen otros contaminantes que pueden ser igual o más costosos, pero nos falta la información necesaria para estar seguros”, alerta Robert Smith, investigador del Instituto Internacional para el Desarrollo Sostenible (IISD).

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