The Knowledge to Act



Kyle Wiebe


Kyle is an urban planner (Master of Urban Planning, McGill University) who seeks to operationalize complex urban issues and datasets into communicable opportunities. His experience includes assessing the administration of geo-spatial addresses to informal settlements in Nairobi with the UN-Habitat, working with street food vendors to increase low-income consumers’ nutritional security in India, and contributing to and leading numerous research projects on food security and homelessness in Winnipeg with the Institute of Urban Studies.

All Publications

  • Our City: A Peg Report on Sustainability Winnipeg is changing. Winnipeg has always been changing. The fourth edition of Our City, A Peg Report looks at Winnipeg through the lens of the three pillars of sustainability and integrates the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Measuring Winnipeggers' Convenient Access to Public Transit IISD has developed a method to track convenient access to public bus transit in Winnipeg, in Canada and globally. 
  • Tracking the SDGs in Canadian Cities: SDG 8 IISD’s SDG Indicator Portal tracks SDG progress in 13 cities across Canada. The third brief in this series provides an overview of SDG 8—promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all—across cities in Canada.