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Vanessa Corkal

Policy Analyst, Energy

Vanessa Corkal combines her expertise in climate change adaptation and food security with over nine years of documentary, journalism and non-profit experience. In her work, she focuses on capacity building for community, civil society and government partners to develop and implement effective climate change and livelihood strategies. 

Vanessa crafts compelling research, content and communications while managing complex project logistics. Her interests lie in community-based adaptation and mitigation, Indigenous knowledge, agro-biodiversity and biocultural diversity. Previous work experiences include climate change research, communications and project management for the Prairie Climate Centre (University of Winnipeg) and the First Nation Adapt program (Crown-Indigenous Relations & Northern Affairs, Government of Canada). She holds a Master of Climate Change from the University of Waterloo. 

In her documentary work, Vanessa has researched and produced pieces for international media company VICE and coordinated documentaries for Rezolution Pictures, a Cree-owned, Montreal-based film company.

All Publications

  • The (Public) Cost of Pollution: Ontario's fossil fuel subsidies This report provides an inventory of fossil fuel subsidies in Ontario and provides recommendations for provincial subsidy reform.
  • Canada Slow to Come Clean on Removing Fossil Fuel Subsidies Without adequately addressing subsidies, the federal government undermines benefits from its own commendable carbon pricing policies.
  • Unpacking Canada's Fossil Fuel Subsidies Oil, gas and coal are multi-billion-dollar industries, and every year fossil fuel companies get billions in tax breaks and handouts that increase their profits even further. This website was created to cut through the jargon, so you can understand what’s really happening, debate it, and propose solutions for Canadians and Canada’s economy.