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Langston James "Kimo" Goree VI

Vice-President, Reporting Services and United Nations Liaison

Langston James Goree VI, also known as "Kimo," directs IISD's Reporting Services.

Goree co-founded IISD's flagship product, the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) in 1991, while the director of a Brazilian NGO in the Western Amazon, and joined IISD in 1993 when ENB became an IISD publication.

He manages the Reporting Services program and is responsible for building and maintaining the relationships between IISD and the various programs and agencies of the United Nations and other multilateral organizations. His expertise is in the use of the emerging information technologies to provide information and knowledge products for decision makers in the areas of environment and sustainable development policy.

Since 1993, Goree has been working with a coalition of governmental donors to support the work of the ENB and IISD Reporting Services. Goree is also a senior advisor to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for information and communication. In the early years, Goree was a professional actor in film and television and a stand-up comedian from 1971-1988. He left his PhD program to work with UNEP from 1998-1999.

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