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India Energy Subsidy Briefing October 2017

As part of its work on energy policy and sustainable development in India, the Global Subsidies Initiative publishes a regular briefing on issues related to energy subsidies. 

Below are highlights from the October 2017 edition:

  • Petroleum products may be included in the new unified tax mechanism, the goods and services tax 
  • Two fuels—diesel and petrol—have seen a change in pricing policy, allowing daily revision of retail prices
  • A new electricity subsidy scheme, Saubhagya, has been launched to enable last mile electricity connectivity of households
  • Gradual price hikes for liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene have been introduced with the aim of eliminating their subsidy by March 2018

For any additional or more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact Christopher Beaton or Shruti Sharma.

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