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Life after Rio: A commentary by Mark Halle, IISD

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Life after Rio: A commentary by Mark Halle, IISD

Mark Halle, International Institute for Sustainable Development executive director IISD-Europe, has returned from Rio de Janeiro and declared the Rio+20 summit a disappointing failure.In his commentary, Mark Halle concludes that the Rio conference was a massive waste of time and money.

"Yet another UN mega-conference ends in disappointment, the low expectations fully justified. Once again, our governments have failed to demonstrate leadership, have lacked courage to make the compromises necessary to ensure a fairer, more stable world. Once again, they have kept their eyes riveted on short-term electoral deadlines and sold out future generations. We have come to a sorry pass."Instead of trying to streamline the UN system, "We should put our money and effort into organizations and processes that are not exclusively government-based," says Halle.

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