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Measuring Winnipeggers' Convenient Access to Public Transit

Publication Overview

Measuring Winnipeggers' Convenient Access to Public Transit

Public transit is a key component of sustainable urban development. It enables access to services and opportunities and provides mobility to those who choose to use public transit and to those who have no other choice.

Recognizing the important role public transit plays in cities, the United Nations included “convenient access to public transit” as an indicator among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), linked to Target 11.2 and Indicator 11.2.1.

Despite public transit’s inclusion in the SDGs, there is currently no standard method to measure what convenient access to public transit looks like.To provide information and analysis in support of the SDGs, IISD has developed a method to track convenient access to public bus transit in Winnipeg, and in other cities in Canada and globally. By proposing a method to measure convenient access to public transit, this brief highlights how localizing SDGs can advise policy, inform local narratives and guide sustainable development.

See the interactive map we have created to show Winnipeggers' access to public transit.