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Morocco’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

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IISD worked with Morocco’s Ministry of Environment in the development of the country’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC).

IISD led the stakeholder consultations, the refining of existing emission projections, the prioritization of mitigation actions and the realisation of emission reduction scenarios. IISD also led inter-ministerial consultations to structure the INDC, facilitated the adoption of emission reductions targets and identified priorities for the adaptation component of the INDC.

Morocco launched its INDC at a National Conference on Climate Change, in Rabat on June 2, 2015. Morocco submitted its INDC to the UNFCCC on June 5, 2015. The INDC outlines a vision for Morocco to 2030 and rests, to a large extent, on a major transformation of the energy sector, particularly due to increasing water stress.